First Day on the Job

I kissed my wife goodnight at 630pm.

It was my first day as a Lyft driver. I had my car set up with that pink moustache. I knew what I was getting into, but I can tell you that when the moustache first arrived…I had trouble putting it onto my car. It was like putting on an nametag to start a new job.

I shut my eyes and I did it.

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I hooked up my iPhone to my car-mount and headed out. I got a fare right away. It was amazing actually. They were only five minutes away…but it was a very fancy area. Like all the mansions have shrubs to hide the famous and important people behind them.

I pulled up, and a short, stocky guy in a tuxedo hopped in.

‘Where to?’ I asked.
‘Soho House’ he said.

If you didn’t go ‘oooh’ immediately, then you’ve obviously not spent a lot of time in L.A. In a town of exclusivity, Soho House is the most exclusive of them all.

I, of course, went ‘oooh’.

The short and stocky man looked at his phone the entire time.

‘Going to an exclusive screening or something?’ I’d heard about how the Weinsteins like to do ‘exclusive oscar screenings’ there.

He looked up for the first time. ‘Oh great, you’ve heard of it.’

I nodded.