Welcome and Here’s How It Works

Welcome to my Adventures as a Lyft Driver!

lyft driver adventures
This is not my car in the photo. But I do have a pink moustache.

Here’s how this website works: I’m going to chronicle the trials and tribulations of being a Lyft driver in the Los Angeles area. As you can imagine, driving around the city of angels means I’ve encountered some really interesting people and had some….interesting things happen in my car. I thought it would be fun to share those adventures on a blog.

For privacy reasons I won’t reveal my name, and the names of the passengers have been changed to protect their identities as well.

How ridiculous these stories get…well I can’t make up anything crazier than what’s actually happened to me. The truth truly is stranger than fiction.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

I started out as a Lyft driver to pick up some extra cash while my wife took some leave because of a difficult pregnancy. So far the money has been great and has really helped us get ready for the new baby (due in 1 month!). My first day on the job I went on an unbelievably weird journey, and when I got home I told my wife all about it.

And she didn’t believe me!

And while nothing will truly compare to that first day, I realized that I needed an outlet for these experiences. There are simply way too many amazing things and people that I have encountered in my short stint as a Lyft driver.

Lyft vs. Uber

Uber sucks.

Actually I have no hard feelings towards Uber. I didn’t even apply to be a driver for them. It seemed like Lyft had a cooler community of people and a nice Southern California vibe that I could really get behind. If you’re trying to decide between Uber and Lyft, choose Lyft. You never know: you may get me as your driver!

Lyft also has a bunch of coupons floating around for new customers. So use one of those and you’ll get a super-cheap ride from them to ‘test them out’. I won’t post any of the coupon codes here because they’re constantly changing and I don’t want to bother with the upkeep. I’ll just link to a website that does the dirty work for me:

Where I Drive:

I’m in the Santa Monica area, so when I’m working I tend to hang around that area mostly. Although on the weekends I’ll frequently find myself in West Hollywood (lots of popular nightclubs around there), and downtown Los Angeles (especially for Lakers and Kings games).